Digitization Cost Calculator

Welcome to the Digitization Cost Calculator. Please begin by entering the number of scans (or images captured) for which you need to estimate costs and time. In the next step you will enter staffing data. In step three you will identify the processes for which you'd like time estimates, as well as which level of staff are performing each process so that costs can be estimated. This calculator does not store or share any data that you enter. Calculations are based on contributed community data. See the raw data here. Contribute your own data here.


Enter information below about staffing categories or staff members who will be performing parts of the digitization project. On the following page, you'll be able to assign a different staff person to each process before cost calculations are performed by the calculator. The data you enter about staff is not saved, shared, or transmitted, though it will be retained in this browser window until you close it (allowing you to modify your calculator query during this session without re-entering staffing data each time). The "Name" field is only used to populate the dropdown list on the following page used to assign people to tasks -- you may use real names, or any other label (e.g., "Technician 1, Salaried #2").

Processes to be performed

Below, enter information for each process for which you want time/cost estimates. Skip whichever processes you will not use. Enter a whole number to represent the percent of scans on which you plan to perform the process, and assign a staff person to the process using the "Performed by" drop down. Use the detailed information in the blue help button next to each process name for a brief definition and to understand what "% Materials" means for a specific process. For example, with "Flattening" the "% Material" represents the percent of scan source material that actually had to be flattened, not that was reviewed for flattening needs. With "Condition review" the "% Materials" is the percent of scan source material that is visually checked -- not the percent that needed conservation attention. Please also reference the more detailed Processes & Definitions document for more information about how each process is defined for this project.


Based on the information you provided, these are some estimates for your planning.

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Digitization Estimates

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